Handling Purchase Offers, Negotiations & the Contract


There are multiple forms that go into making and offer and purchasing a home.  Having a real estate agent when selling your home will help you understand the contract language, the offer and how to respond.  If countering to the offer, an agent will be able to give you info and advice including info on estimated closing costs, what items will be your responsibility and what will be the buyer's responsibility.  They will be the go-between as a neutral party that is working for you.

Once the offer is accepted, there are multiple steps that will take place prior to actually closing on the house and receiving your funds.  An agent can walk you through step-by-step, help coordinate inspections, appraisals and negotiations of repairs when necessary to get to closing.  If any issues arise with home inspection or appraiser, you will have someone who can help negotiate.  Your agent will have access to information relating to the timeline of events with the buyer or buyer's agent, the inspectors and even the title company.  

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